Chunky Scarves Scarf

This easy and quick to knit chunky scarf is knitted using 4 strands of yarn together as one (if using Celtic) or 3 strands together as one (if using Prism).
Tip: Make sure you pull the working threads from the inside of the balls not the outside.
This will ensure the working balls do not get tangled as you work.
Finished scarf (excluding fringe) measures approximately 170cm long x 23cm wide.
Using 25mm needles 5 sts wide x 6 rows over 10cm x 10cm stocking stitch.
Cut yarn into 56 lengths, each measuring 30cm long.
Tip: Cut this evenly from all 4 working balls instead of just one ball. This means that halfway through the scarf all 4 balls will roughly finish at around the same point making it easier to change to the new balls and not wasting too much yarn. If using Celtic, with 4 strands together as one, cast on 15 sts.If using Prism, with 3
strands together as one, cast on 15 sts.
1st row: Knit
2nd row: Purl
These two rows form pattern (stocking stitch). Repeat these two rows until all yarn is used up, leaving a tail long enough to allow for cast off. Cast off.
Making up
Sew in loose ends. Divide the fringe lengths into 14 groups of 4. Fold a group of 4 lengths in half forming a loop. Pull this loop through the end of the scarf with the
crochet hook.
Bring the ends of the group up through the loop and pull firmly to make fringe. Add 7 fringes evenly spaced to each end of the scarf. If necessary, lightly press the fringe with a cool iron to straighten.